We’re u2i. We are a small company with big dreams. We are a bunch of geeks who by stroke of luck or divine providence ended up working together every day solving problems. Everyday except (most) weekends anyway. As people we are all very different, but one thing that unites us is our fascination with technology and puzzles, in one form or another.

This is precisely why we decided to start a blog. Because, we want to share our love for tech. Over the years we searched the web to find solutions we could reuse and tailor to fit the challenges we faced. Thousand of blog posts and articles, written by other geeks, helped us move forward when we reached what seemed to be a dead end. These stories saved us a lot of stress, time, and money. On more than one occasion, they simply saved our butts. Well, now it’s time to give back. To talk about our problems and solutions in the hope of helping others. In the hope that we can inspire others – to give it another go, to try a different approach, to share their problems with the world.

But u2i is not just about technology, and so this blog won’t be either. It will be about the people of u2i, their passions and things they care about. Because to really understand what we do, we invite you to first learn who we are.

Lastly, it will be about the company itself, because we believe its story is too good not be told. And who doesn’t love a good story, after all?